• The Yuzu Taster Collection

The Yuzu Taster Collection

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Dive into the sensational flavour of the famous Japanese citrus, Yuzu. Tart, aromatic and zesty yuzu combines lemon, grapefruit and mandarin flavours and yet still remains resolutely original. Yuzu juice is so strongly flavoured just a few drops will flavour a dressing or marinade; it makes a spectacularly refreshing drink when mixed with sparkling water or Gin and tonic. Yuzu jam has a big flavour like the mother of all marmalade, candied peel is a highly addictive treat all on its own and works wonderfully well in muffins or chocolate.



Wasabi label Yuzu Jam 210g

Yuzu Juice 100ml

Candied Yuzu Peel 30g






Fresh Yuzu

Fresh Yuzu

Yuzu season is now closed. 2021 season is expected to start in October.Ripe yuzu delivers the famous..

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