Organic White Sesame Oil - 90g

  • £9.90

Premium quality sesame oil from expertly roasted seeds.

With a supremely delicate, bright, clear colour and wonderfully enticing flavour this is the epitome of fine sesame oil. The flavour is so clean it can even be used on sashimi without overpowering the flavour.


Ingredients: White Sesame Seeds (100%)

Here's what some of the Great Taste Judges had to say about our Organic White Sesame Oil and why they awarded it 3 stars!

"This delicious, light and subtle yet characterful oil has a creamy mouthfeel and a superb lingering, toasty, nutty, sesame flavour. Indulgent and luxurious. Lovely stuff."

"This pale golden, crystal clear oil has a wonderful roasted sesame aroma. It conjures up a whole pile of seeds roasting together. It is complex and intriguing. On tasting the oil is light and delicate and one thinks it belies the heady aroma but then the roasted sesame kicks in and lingers long on the palate after the oil has disappeared. This is so unique we think it is worthy of our highest award. Congratulations."

"Gentle and rich on the palate with light and pretty toasted notes which linger - this oil has a long finish. We can imagine this as a drizzling oil rather than simply in stir-fry use.  It has a beauty and value about it which we appreciate."