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Miso Soup

We cannot even begin to explain how much we're loving miso soup right now... We love it all the time but it’s just perfect for beating the January blues!

It makes you feel great! How such a simple dish can be so packed full of health benefits is almost unreal! Just type "miso soup benefits'' into Google and you'll see an extra-ordinary range of claims, most of which have also been scientifically proven. To name just a few it's said to be exceptionally high in a range of nutrients, great for weight loss, regulates blood pressure, aids digestion due to probiotics, anti-cancer, even making people 'feel more connected to the earth'!

It's SO easy! Hot water, miso, splash of dashi, add fresh veg if you like. Done!, we love that it somehow combines the warm heartiness we crave in cold weather, but is also very light.. And it's delicious!