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Yubeshi – fermented yuzu fruit. Handmade by a very select few families who have passed the technique and recipe from generation to generation. This is a yuzu fruit that has had the inside removed, mixed with miso, nuts, spice and sesame and then re-packed into the skin of the fruit to ferment and mature for a minimum of 6 months.  The result is a famously hard to describe flavour of richness and depth that combines the slight bitterness of yuzu peel with the tart yuzu juice and velvety sweetness of miso. Eat as it is, with rice and sake, or serve with cheese and fruit. Also used as a topping for steamed or poached eggs, salad or pasta.  Spectacularly complex and a sure fire hit with top chefs and home cooks looking for something different and exceptional.

This unique means of storing fruit was developed between the 10th and 11th centuries by farmers who wanted to preserve their yuzu fruit all year long. Almost exclusively produced by families living in a 30km radius of the area responsible for its discovery this is still a truly unique product now making it to the UK for the first time.

Ingredients: barley miso (soya beans, barley, salt), yuzu peel, peanut, white sesame, roasted soya bean powder, sugar, pepper spices

Allergens in bold. 

Storage: Store in a dry, cool place. Keep in an air tight container, out of direct sunlight.