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Kanzuri Fermented Red Chilli Paste - 100g


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Chili pepper, koji, yuzu, salt

Energy 900 kcal (3700 kJ), Total Fat 100g of which saturates 7.6g, Carbohydrate 0.5g of which sugars 0.5g, Protein 0.5g, Salt 0.01g

Marinades: Use kanzuri as a base for marinades for meats, poultry, or seafood. Mix it with other ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and a touch of sweetness with honey or mirin for a delicious marinade.

Stir-fries: Add a small amount of kanzuri to stir-fried dishes to impart a spicy, umami-rich flavour. It works particularly well with vegetables such as broccoli, peppers and mushrooms, as well as with tofu or thinly sliced meats.

Soups and stews: Stir kanzuri into soups, stews, or hot pot (nabe) for added depth of flavour and a spicy kick. It pairs well with broths made from dashi (Japanese soup stock), miso, or chicken stock.

Dipping sauce: Mix kanzuri with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a touch of sesame oil to create a spicy dipping sauce for dumplings, or tempura.

Grilled dishes: Use kanzuri as a glaze or sauce for grilled meats, fish, or vegetables. Brush it onto the food during the last few minutes of cooking to add a spicy-sweet caramelized flavour.

Noodles: Toss cooked noodles such as soba, udon, or ramen with a small amount of kanzuri for a spicy, savoury sauce. Add ingredients like green onions, sesame seeds or shredded nori for extra flavour and texture.

Condiment: Serve kanzuri alongside dishes like rice bowls, sushi or sashimi. It can be mixed with wasabi, soy sauce or mayonnaise to create a dipping sauce or condiment.

When using kanzuri, start with a small amount and adjust according to taste, as it can be quite potent!

Kanzuri is a spicy Japanese condiment that has been made exclusively in Myoko City, a snowy town situated in the Niigata Prefecture in northern Japan, for generations. It was traditionally used to help warm up the body temperature of the people of the Jōetsu region, during the cold and snowy winters.

Chilli Pepper

This premium chili paste is similar to yuzu kosho but it has a milder, sweeter flavour that is less salty. It is made from only four natural ingredients, a mixture of red chili peppers, yuzu citrus fruit, salt, and koji (malted rice). The chili peppers are the yamabudo variety, grown exclusively for Kanzuri they are three times larger than traditional chilli peppers; they are known for their moderate spiciness and fruity flavour. This condiment contains no preservatives or additives.


The process of making kanzuri involves fermenting the mixture of peppers, salt, and koji in wooden barrels for several years. During June or July, the barrels are exposed to the warm spring air, and then during January, the coldest part of the year, the chili peppers are laid out on the snow for several days in a process known as kanzarashi. This is repeated several times until March. Exposure to the snow increases the flavour of the chilli pepper and removes any excess salt or bitterness. During the fermentation process, the flavours of the ingredients blend together and develop complexity. The resulting condiment has a deep, savoury umami flavor with a balanced level of heat.

Japanese Cuisine

Kanzuri is prized for its versatility and is often used as a seasoning or marinade for various dishes in Japanese cuisine. It adds a unique depth of flavour and spiciness to dishes such as nabe hot pots, grilled meat, seafood, fish and vegetables. Due to its potent flavour, kanzuri is typically used in small amounts.


This gourmet condiment has gained popularity both domestically in Japan and internationally, where it is sought after by culinary enthusiasts and chefs looking to incorporate unique Japanese flavours into their dishes.

Kanzuri is a versatile condiment that can add depth and spice to a wide range of dishes. See the How To Use section for more information.

When using kanzuri, start with a small amount and adjust according to taste, as it can be quite potent!

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