Wasabi Label Vinegars

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Buy Japanese vinegar | Premium Japanese rice vinegar and more

For an authentic taste of Japan, try our carefully crafted and preserved vinegars from umami-rich sanbaizu to perfectly balanced sushisu and more.

Our aged Sanbaizu vinegar in particular is a long-held secret of top chefs. Awarded 3 stars by Great Taste Judges, this rich umami condiment is ideal for bolstering Japanese cooking. Use it to marinade vegetables, make salad dressings or simply mix with cooled rice for a delicate, lighter taste made with great quality ingredients.

Our Sushisu Sushi Rice Vinegar was crafted to be the perfect sushi vinegar. Instead of making sushi seasoning, add our sushi vinegar after making sushi rice or even add to brown rice for a natural sweetness, the perfect alternative to traditional black rice vinegar or white vinegar due to added mirin.