Fresh Japanese Wasabi

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Buy Japanese wasabi root | Fresh wasabi rhizomes

At the Wasabi Company, we pride ourselves on our authentic and high-quality Japanese ingredients - and our real wasabi is no different. Imported from the famed Shizuoka prefecture, these Japanese wasabi rhizomes are full of fresh, complex flavour.

Wasabi can take two years to reach maturity in the UK. This and the growing market for fresh wasabi in Europe means we are not always able to keep pace with demand from our own farms. We therefore turned to the obvious place for a solution, we now have a reliable supply of the highest quality wasabi from Japan to support our UK production.  Read more about our Japanese wasabi.

Freshly grated wasabi tastes very different to most Western wasabi paste, which only contains a tiny amount of real wasabi powder (it’s mostly horseradish and mustard). Pair the real deal with fresh fish, sashimi or sushi, or even cold noodle dishes. It mixes beautifully with high-quality soy sauce too.

Buy wasabi for a spicy, fresh kick that will take your Japanese cuisine to a new level. We grow and import only the best wasabi plants so you can be assured of their quality.