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Buy Japanese Sushi Rice | Premium Authentic Sushi Rice

Rice is the cornerstone of Japanese cuisine - the Japanese word for 'cooked rice', gohan, is the same word for 'meal'. Authentic Japanese rice is essential for making sushi, donburi or other authentic recipes, and we make sure to stock the best.

Our Koshikari rice is grown in Nyuzen, an area of Toyama prefecture famous for its pure and fast-flowing spring waters. This rice has a unique, slightly sweeter flavour than other Japanese rice varieties. We also stock Akitakomachi rice, prized for its lustre and distinctive subtle taste.

To properly cook this deliciously sticky rice, you want thoroughly washed rice, and the cold rice must be soaked before cooking. For perfectly seasoned sushi rice, simply prepare a combination of salt, sugar and Japanese rice vinegar to pour over - or use premade sushi seasoning.

Once you know how to prepare cooked rice and season authentic sushi rice, a whole new dimension of Japanese food is available to you. Time to get creative with sushi toppings, flavoured rice and more.