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Buy kombu seaweed | Dried kombu for Japanese cuisine, miso soup, kombu dashi & more

Kombu is a type of edible kelp seaweed that is widely used in Japanese cooking. It is simmered with bonito fish flakes or other ingredients to prepare a soup stock called dashi, which serves as the base for many Japanese dishes, thanks to its delicious savoury umami taste.

We stock a variety of premium Japanese kombu kelp from the Hokkaïdo region, well-known for producing the best dashi kombu. Our Rishiri kombu, harvested from the Rishiri Island of Hokkaïdo, is the best of the best. Whilst our broad, thick Ma Kombu is excellent for creating clear, flavourful stock, our tender young kombu can be eaten in small strips.

As well as making dashi stock, this sea vegetable can be added to sushi rice, made into a salad or used in all kinds of Japanese food. Kombu is also a meat-free way to add umami to vegetarian cooking; the amino acids in this edible seaweed can even help with cooking beans. Discover the difference between quality kombu and inferior powdered kombu today.