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Buy wasabi flowers | Fresh wasabi plant flowers

Wasabi plants offer more than you might think - as well as the pungent rhizomes, you can actually make use of the entire plant. These fresh wasabi flowers can be eaten raw, providing just a little tickle of heat. They make a pretty garnish for maki rolls or fish dishes. 50g of flowers contains around 25-30 stems; each stem has a cluster of 10-12 flowers.

Most people expect only the wasabi root - also called wasabi rhizomes when in fact they are stems - to be edible. However, the crunchy leaf stems, fresh leaves and these flowers all contain a delicious mild wasabi flavour. This slow-growing plant takes around 18 months to mature, so our fresh wasabi products are subject to seasonal availability.

By growing wasabi at home, you can enjoy all the parts of this remarkable plant, in addition to making fresh wasabi paste. Wasabi grows well in shady spots away from direct sunlight - why not give it a try?