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Gusto Organic Cola - 275ml
C (Leeds, England)

Delicious product, speedy well-packaged delivery – thanks!


The myoga arrived fresh and they are decently sized. I’ve frozen them for making shibazuke in the autumn and I’m very pleased with them.

Kewpie Mayonnaise - 500g
Nicholas J. (Bishop's Stortford, England)
Lovely stuff

Better than Hellmann's

Individual Fresh Japanese Wasabi Rhizomes
Happy c. (Stoke-on-Trent, England)
Fresh wasabi

Fresh wasabi is a great condiment, of course terrific with sushi, it works really well with fish, meats and also in salads. Wish it was more widely available. Once you’ve tasted fresh wasabi there’s no going back to wasabi in tubes.

Okinawa Sugar from Murakami Syouten - 500g
Jonathan B. (London, England)
Great alternative to processed white sugar.

I have been looking more into the "Blue Zones" diets across the world due to the healthy longevity that their populations seem to enjoy. I read about this type of sugar from Okinawa from the book "Ikigai" and decided to give it a go. My experience has been good so far and the taste is great compared to refined white sugar from the supermarket. Will be buying this product again for sure, but it could do with coming in a bigger packet as 500g doesn't last long. Overall very good and recommended.

Thank you Jonathan and great to hear the Okinawa sugar is proving to be delicious as well as a heathier alternative to white processed. We will look into bigger packs but at present that is all we can get hold off - it's precious stuff!

Fresh Myoga Japanese Ginger Buds 50g
Karen T. (Southampton, England)
Great pickled, but equally good raw

I'd tried pickled myoga shoots in the past and been underwhelmed, but the buds had eluded me until now. They're a different story: a very delicate, floral/ citrus flavour and an addictive crisp texture. I bought three packs initially to try them fresh, frozen, and pickled, and I liked the pickled ones so much that I bought more buds just for pickling in sweet vinegar. (Ratios to taste, but I use 100ml of rice vinegar to 50g of sugar plus half a teaspoon of salt, boil briefly and cool before pouring over the buds, stick the jar in the fridge, and they're ready to eat after two days.) Apparently they'll keep for a couple of weeks, but I haven't been able to leave them alone that long. I'm going to try to save a few from this batch a little longer to test their longevity.

The buds turn a deeper pink and are great in onigiri fillings as well as all the garnish and salad uses you'd expect. The vinegar, which also turns pink, is worth saving for dressings and even sushi rice. They're great snacks in their own right, too. If you've ever eaten a whole jar of pickled rakkyo and not regretted it (in my defence, they come in very small jars) you'll love pickled buds on their own.

I'm still waiting for my myoga plants to start flowering, but now I know it'll be worth the wait. I've shown them the buds so that they understand their mission objective.

Hi Karen, thank you for another great review and the wonderfully delicious idea for the ginger buds, they sounds heavenly! Best of luck with the plants and hope they provide you with lots more buds :)

Wasabi Plants - Set of 3
Teresa A.N. (Newham, England)
Very healthy plants

The plants arrived promptly and in very good condition. I potted them on and, within a couple of days, new leaves started to appear . I have over 50 years experience of growing vegetables, this is my first time with wasabi. So far so good!

Thank you Teresa and wonderful to hear the plants are doing well - best of luck with them!

Myoga Japanese Ginger Plant
Mike K. (Southampton, England)
Great condition!

The plant & the Ginger buds all arrived is great condition !
Really enjoying adding slices of the Ginger Buds to many different meals, adding a different flavour to all.

Thanks Mike, that's great to hear and best of luck with the plant!

Top notch tasting cola. Really really tasty.

Thanks Tim, it's a favourite with us too - so different from the big brands!

Wasabi Plants - Set of 3
chris a. (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Wilted plants

Two of the plants arrived with only one good leaf, the rest were wilted and hanging down. There may be some signs of life at the base of the plants. Will have to wait and see. The third plant looks better with less wilted leaves. Not thrilled!

Hi Chris, so sorry to hear about the plants, we do our best to send them out in optimum condition and well packaged but sounds like we have let you down on this one. I know the team have been in touch with you to get out some replacements to you ASAP and make sure you are thrilled :)

Nice grill, hard to light, grill rack needs some kind of fixation as tends to move when cooking

I’ve managed a method to keep rack on and bought a charcoal starter to make lighting easier, just more practice needed.

Wasabi Powder - 23g
Ms S.M. (Norwich, England)
Easy to prepare

I was bit worried that this would be hard to make, but it mixes like a dream. I have a very tiny dish, in which I put half a teaspoon of powder and then the same amount of water. Stir it round a few times and presto - wasabi!

Thank you, we hope you continue to enjoy the wasabi powder :)

Wasabi Mayonnaise - 175g
Jo J. (Belper, England)

Simply delicious and how lovely that it's English grown Wasabi! I will continue to use it for ever more!!

Thank you Jo, really pleased you found our Wasabi Mayo delicious :)

It was in good condition when it arrived. DHL delivery was very confusing and could be improved

Hi Judith, good to hear the tree reached you safely and thank you for the feedback with regards to DHL. We are continually reviewing our delivery standards so it is always helpful to have this information

Fresh Yuzu Juice from Kito
Chris J. (Norwich, England)

Excellent product and great service.

Iyokan Juice - 750ml
Chris J. (Norwich, England)

Excellent product and great service.

Thanks Chris, great to hear :)

Wasabi Plant
Robert A. (Cheltenham, England)
Packing good but plant very droopy/stressed and damaged when opened

We bought a starter pack containing some condiments, a root, grater and a single plant but added another 3 plants as an option (covered in another review). This wasabi plant looked as though it had been packed many days previously as it was very droopy and obviously stressed. A number of its leaves were in a poor condition and their stems kinked/broken. We e-mailed the Wasabi Company on the day of receipt with photographs and a replacement was promised in the near future. At the time of writing this has not arrived. It is possible that the condiment jars in the same box shifted and squashed the plant during transit but it did look as though it was drought stressed too.

Hi Robert, thanks for the review, just to let you know that as per your instructions, we have been waiting for the wasabi grater brush to arrive back in stock and send out together with the replacement plant - happy to let you know this should be tomorrow so you'll soon have both :) best of luck growing the wasabi!

Wasabi Plants - Set of 3
Robert A. (Cheltenham, England)
Wasabi plants arrived well packed and in good condition to pot out

We bought a starter pack and also an additional 3 pack of wasabi plants. The three pack of plants were obviously freshly packed and arrived in good condition in a small plug of wet compost wrapped in hessian wedged in a fibre pot (just as pictured) ready to be planted out into larger pots. These are now doing well about 5 days later in a shady spot behind out house (no direct sunlight, but open to the sky) and will be potted up again once they outgrow their current small pots. instructions were pretty clear and online video useful.

Great to hear Robert, happy wasabi growing!

Fresh English Wasabi Rhizome 50g for Bundle
Robert A. (Cheltenham, England)
Not as hot as I thought!

We received a small wasabi root as a part of one of the starter packs but did not have an opportunity to use it until several days later. The grating instructions were good and we made a good looking paste pretty easily. I think we need to get used to making Wasabi as when really freshly grated had almost no heat and I only managed to get a sample that was pretty hot once in my trials. Perhaps I did not leave it for long enough after grating? We tended to grate as we were using, which may have been a mistake. Further trials required.

Hi Robert, thanks for reviewing - fresh wasabi can vary a lot, but for optimum results it's best to wait for at least 5 minutes after grating before eating. This allows the two compounds to come together and react, causing the heat and flavour to be released :)

Wasabi Mustard - 175g
Anne E. (Enniskillen, Northern Ireland)
Brilliant mustard

Will order more. Have to have this well stocked in my kitchen

Thanks Anne, great to hear you're loving the mustard, it's a kitchen cupboard staple in my house too!

Ramen Noodles - 720g
Ellie L. (Reading, England)

This is the best cooking ramen noodle!

Thanks Ellie - it took us a while to find the right ramen we were happy with, so great to get such positive feedback :)

Miso With Yuzu - 150g
Gaijin (Bournemouth, England)

This is a brilliant product. It adds delicious flavour to all sorts of dishes. Absolutely my taste!

Thanks Gaijin :) we're really pleased you're finding the miso with yuzu oishi and versatile!

Wasabi Plant
Marc R. (Bathgate, Scotland)
Wasabi plant

From start to finished delivery it was a great service. Emailed all the details and kept me up to date with my order.
Just wish I’d ordered three plants instead of one so if you are thinking about ordering get three.

Thanks for the feedback Marc, sorry you wished you'd ordered more! I'll DM you now with an offer if you would like to order some more plants or include on your next order :)

Wasabi Plant
Rachael P. (Peterborough, England)
Wasabi Plant

After hearing how difficult it is to grow in the UK we are confident that with the detailed instructions in the leaflet we will provide it with the best conditions it needs to thrive! It’s a very exciting project!

Thanks Rachael - best of luck with the plant :)