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Yuzu Mustard - 175g
SUSAN R. (Axminster, England)
Bought as a present so cannot comment

I bought these as a Christmas present for my friend who enjoys cooking so cannot comment.

Udon Noodles with Sesame 200g On Offer
Higy F. (Canterbury, England)
vvVery Tasty

This is full of flavour, very rich and delicious 😋

Thank you, enjoy them and the other goodies :)

Fresh Yuzu
Karen T. (Southampton, England)
Marmalade time again

I think this is the sixth or seventh year that I've bought a stash of yuzu from the Wasabi Company, and it's always a high spot for me now that seasonality is a rare thing. (Although I remember tomatoes and other taken-for-granted fruit and veg being absent every winter.) The yuzu always arrive in good condition and there's nothing wasted. Every single bit gets used except for the the hard lump on the stem end. Those that don't end up as marmalade go to the freezer, divided into zest, shaved peel, pulp, and seeds for a pectin boost for other preserves. If there's any frozen peel left when the new season's fruit arrives, it gets crystallised. Now that's what I call value for money.

If you like the yuzu jam, try making the gloriously golden marmalade with just yuzu and sugar, nothing else, not even a dash of lemon juice. There are lots of recipes out there, some of them with a relatively short storage life, but I use the Seville marmalade method, and it always turns out well and lasts a very long time. (I had some of the 2018 batch this morning... firmer, darker, but just as delicious.) Blissful on toast, of course, but also perfect for glazing ham.

That marmalade looks amazing Karen! Thank you for sharing that with us, and making our stomachs rumble :)

Fresh Yuzu
Hilary M. (Guildford, England)
This is a real treat.

I'm thrilled to have been able to buy yuzu. I have bought two 500g batches which are in the freezer waiting for the Seville oranges to appear in the shops. I'm just sitting on my hands, waiting to make some Yuzu and Seville Orange Marmalade for the first time ever. I think it will be stupendous! It's a great way of using the entire fruit with next to no wastage. I would imagine that yuzu have a high pectin content that will help the marmalade set.

Thank you Hilary, the Yuzu & Seville Orange marmalade sounds divine - what a great idea! Hope it turns out well for you :)


Fresh product is great, arrived in no time. Looking forward to growing my plant

Thank you Alan, best of luck with the plant!

Black Garlic Sugar - 300g
Anonymous (Great Malvern, England)

Very unusual and special gift.

Smoked Soy Sauce - 150ml
Anonymous (Great Malvern, England)

This will be a gift. Looks beautiful.

Sushi at Home by Yuki Gomi
Anonymous (Wokingham, England)

as this box is a Christmas present for my son in law i have yet to find out what its like. but the team kindly substituted soy sauce for wasabi as he is coeliac. It arrived in super quick time .

Thank you very much Hilary, happy we were able to make the gift set suitable for your son and hope it really enjoys it :)

Wasabi grater

Absolutely love it, it is so sharp and versatile and not only brilliant for grating wasabi but also ginger, garlic and nutmeg. The bamboo brush is a must have
too in accompany the removal of wasabi/ginger/ garlic etc off the grater.
Make an ideal Christmas present for all those foodies out there who love fresh good home cooking.

Wonderful to hear, thank you for the review - great idea to use it for nutmeg too!

Fresh Yuzu
Keiko P. (Selkirk, Scotland)
not as scented as usual

The yuzu this time were much bigger than usual, and weren't as scented as before.

Hi Keiko, thanks for taking the time to review the Fresh Yuzu and sorry you felt they were only worth 3 stars on your review. As a regular customer, you know we do all we can to make sure everything meets the high expectations of our customers. All feedback is valuable to us, good, bad or indifferent; you are the first to make this comment on this year's yuzu so we will take it onboard. You may have noticed the yuzu were not fully ripe yet as it is still relatively early in the season (this is the first batch we have had available) and so the scent will increase as they ripen and I hope they will be more satisfactory for you.

Chopsticks - Natural Wood Dark Grained
Reegan M. (Milton Keynes, England)
Love these

I bought two of these and I love them. They feel great. I bought a different pair of chopsticks from here, and compared to them, these feel a little heavy, which I really like. Definitely recommend

Thanks Reegan, great to hear you are happy with the chopsticks :)

Fresh Buddha's Hands - Each
Robert W. (London, England)
Made a buddhashand limoncello

Made a buddhashand limoncello we will see at Christmas. But it will be good.

That sounds amazing Robert - if you'd like to share your recipe and an image we'd love to post it on our recipes page and, of course, give you the credit :)

Fresh Yuzu
Robert W. (London, England)
Great fruit

I have made a limoncello using them.

Thanks Robert, I saw your comment on the Buddha's Hand page that you made limoncello with those and so now I'm wondering if you combined the fresh yuzu and buddha's hand to make it? We're intrigued!!

For the grater good……

FAB product, good price, excellent quality…..
Use it for ginger, garlic and of course wasabi……. Brilliant……

Thanks Glynn, (liking the pun!) they are mighty little graters it's true!

Miso Muddler
Ann Q. (Maidstone, England)

Excellent item, does what it says, one was a present I am sure she will love it too. So easy to use you get the correct amount. Perfect

Full of spirt

Very jumpy, good as Christmas presents

Small Fresh English Wasabi Rhizomes 100g
Happy c. (Eastbourne, England)
Great taste and product

This.wasabi taste amazing, can’t go back to the stuff in a tube!

Yes, tasting the difference between real wasabi and 'the other stuff' is an eye opener! Happy it hits the spot for you :)

Organic White Soy Sauce - 1.8L
Hoi K.K.C. (Stockport, England)

Organic White Soy Sauce - 1.8L

Individual Fresh Japanese Wasabi Rhizomes
Richard B. (East Grinstead, England)
Great producr

Prompt delivery and the wasabi was delicious. Plants arrived in great condition too

Thanks Richard, good luck with the plants :)

Sesame Seeds with Wasabi
Allen (Brandon, England)
Great for sprinkling

I love the taste and texture of these sesame seeds ( with the fantastic oil) - the wasabi Flavour comes out strong. This is in part due to the MSG/E635 blend of flavour enhancers - which is quite legitimate . Salt at 4.5 % by weight is insignificant because you do not use much. The handy little bottles dispense the grains well although bI did have one bottle where they had clumped even though there was a pouch of dessicant inside. The price is fantastic, but as a stand alone the shipping cost is high. My last shipment was dated 8 months hence.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review Allen and great you are a fan of the Sesame Seeds with Wasabi - they are a taste sensation! Your comment about delivery costs are understandable, particularly if buying a small value item. However, we'd like to explain that the reason is linked to your comment about fantastic price: we are constantly monitoring our pricing and making sure it is highly competitive; free delivery is rarely 'free', more often than not it is added in to EVERY product and so the customer ultimately is paying more, whilst we actually make a loss on our delivery costs overall despite the fixed price charge.

Sesame Seeds with Ume Plum
Ope K. (Camberwell, England)

Sesame Seeds with Ume Plum

Miso Muddler
Gerry M. (Letchworth Garden City, England)
Miso magic

The Muddler is a wonder thing. No more lumpy miso for me. It’s also well made and strong, as I would expect from Japan.

Thanks for letting us know Gerry, and good to hear the Muddler is a success, nothing like purpose made tools for the job :)

Tosazu, Dashi Vinegar
Chris M. (Ware, England)
Dashi Vinegar

Amongst other things on the website which are of the very best quality, I've purchased many for my restaurant, this vinegar is sensational.
It is worth every penny and brings every dish to life. You only need a little as it is punchy, so it goes a long way. If you try it neat, it reminds you of smokey bacon then you get this almighty umami flavour bang.
Try adding a few drops to some sauteed wild mushrooms, it complements the earthy notes along with garlic extremely well. Will take them to another level.
Chris, The Tickled Trout, Barlow, UK.

Thanks for the wonderfully descriptive review Chris - great idea for the Tosazu with wild mushrooms, sounds divine!

Wasabi Plant
Linda T. (Wallasey, England)
Perfect Wasabi Plants

I ordered 2 and they arrived in perfect condition, wrapped in hessian. A wonderful, inspiring website.

Thank you so much for the feedback, we're proud of the new website and chuffed you like it - and the products - too!

Fresh Ginger
David M. (West Cowes, England)
Fresh ginger a revelation

Excellent flavour and texture, wish it were more regularly available.

Thanks David, we too wish we could eat fresh ginger all year round and if we find a way to do so, we'll let you know!