How do I prepare my fresh wasabi for eating?

When you receive your wasabi, you’ll quickly realise that you can’t just whack it on your sushi as it is, it’s going to need a bit of careful preparation.

What do I need?

It’s really easy to do, and even simpler with the aid of a couple of inexpensive tools. We have sourced these tools from Japan and are passing them on to you at the best possible price as we feel they are essential if you are going to experience the very best that fresh wasabi has to offer. Buy them here. Although it appears Parmesan style graters will work just as well, the set of teeth on these tools means a lot of your valuable wasabi will be left behind on the grater and it is very hard to remove. Above all it is essential you grate the wasabi into a fine paste to generate the best flavour and the all important, pungent heat.


Preparing fresh wasabi

All orders are sent with our wasabi preparation and storage brochure.

This is your guide to preparing fresh wasabi paste from the revered wasabi rhizome. The rhizome, often mistaken for a root, is a swollen stem that builds height as the leaves grow from the crown of the plant, much like a palm tree.

Follow the instructions below to produce an authentic, fresh wasabi paste with a naturally aromatic, floral flavour backed with the unmistakeable sweet pungency of real wasabi.

After rinsing the rhizome under cold running water, follow these easy steps to preparing your fresh wasabi.