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Create an authentic Japanese sweetness with a selection of mirin 

Just like soy sauce, mirin is an essential Japanese ingredient. This Japanese sweet rice wine is widely used in all kinds of dishes, where it lends depth of flavour and a mild sweetness. Like sake, mirin is made from fermented rice alcohol - but it's sweeter, with lower alcohol content.

What makes hon mirin different? Hon mirin literally means 'true mirin', and is a fermented mixture of shochu (Japanese brandy), glutinous (sticky) rice and rice malt. Thanks to the traditional method of slow fermentation, the rice starches break down into simple sugars, resulting in a sweet, umami-rich, complex flavour profile. Inferior products (sometimes labelled as 'sweet rice seasoning') will contain glucose syrup, offering a more one-dimensional sweetness.

All our mirin is hon mirin, the selection includes: Kankyo ShozoJun-Jou, Mukashi JikomiOkomedake & 20 Year Aged mirin. Each offers unique taste profiles to give the maximum umami to your Japanese cooking.

From marinades to donburi to teriyaki sauce, mirin provides both sweetness and umami in many Japanese dishes. Mirin will also tenderise meat and reduce strong aromas of seafood. Try our high-quality Japanese mirin and discover what this unique fermented rice seasoning can bring to your Japanese cooking.