Wasabi Label Sesame Seeds

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Buy gold and black sesame seeds

Our premium sesame seeds are carefully roasted to perfection through a 9 step process that ensures you get the most plump and flavoursome seeds every time. Whether you prefer unhulled or hulled sesame seeds, white sesame seeds or black sesame seed oil, the rich nutty flavour and satisfying crunch of our perfected seeds will be your new go to.

Black sesame seeds have a smoky scent and bring striking colour to dishes, especially sprinkled atop rice dishes or stir fries. Our gold sesame seeds are known for their rich flavour which adds a nutty twist to vegetable dishes or as a treat atop ice cream and deserts.

Good quality seeds are incredibly versatile, but as well as their culinary uses, they have other benefits too. Sesame seeds have been shown to support optimal health in studies using a capsule form, and regularly eating them can help with blood pressure as well as reduce oxidative stress. They are a good source of essential fatty acids, all in addition to that great taste.