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Meyer Lemon Tree (hardy)


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A Meyer Lemon Tree is a wonderful citrus tree option for your home or garden and is a great variety to grow in the UK. These trees are easy to care for and will thrive in a sunny conservatory or room, they can even handle outdoor conditions in the UK once established. 

Our Meyer Lemon trees are grafted onto Flying Dragon rootstock which makes them very hardy and able to survive temperatures down to –15ºC once the tree is well established. To establish the tree, grow in a pot for the first two years and move in winter to protect it from frost. Trees can then be planted out during the spring growing season. This rootstock is not suitable for alkaline soils but will thrive in acidic conditions. Soil and irrigation water should have a pH of no greater than 6. The Flying Dragon Poncirus trifoliata rootstock is a dwarfing variety that will reduce the height of the tree compared to an un-grafted tree but still allows for heights of 2.5m in optimum conditions. Trees will lose their leaves in winter to protect them from the cold conditions, fresh leaf growth will emerge in early spring and they should flower from March to August - the white or lavender blossoms smell incredible and pair perfectly with the shiny, dark evergreen leaves. The fruits ripen throughout the year ready for harvest during October – December.

Meyer Lemon trees are particularly popular due to their hardiness and the uniqueness of their fruit - a smaller, rounder fruit that is a delicious blend of Lemon and Mandarin, making them sweeter than regular lemons. Perfect with a G&T, served alongside fish or in a killer lemon tart, even the peel is edible and great for cooking, making candied peel or adding to a refreshing drink for an extra twist of flavour. The white or lavender blossoms smell incredible and pair perfectly with the shiny, dark evergreen leaves.

This tree will make a great gift for gardeners or chefs, as well as being a lovely addition to your own space.

Botanical name: Citrus meyeri

Ideal location & conditions: Full sun or partial shade.

Size after 5 years: 75cm x 50cm if grown in a pot.

Soil: Very well drained John Innes No.3. Add additional grit and stone

Flower colour: White with violet centres

Flowering period: July - November

Fruit harvest period: November - March

Download the Meyer Lemon Citrus Growing Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cold hardy UK lemon tree

I'm so thrilled to have found the only supplier here of a cold hardy lemon tree. Grafted onto a flying dragon rootstock makes it acceptable for UK gardens once the tree has been left to grow for a few years.

Coming back from Spain I wanted to have a little bit of Spain in my garden.

Yesterday I ordered another one as these are rare to come in. Thank you Wasabi company

Thank you and really pleased you found the yuzu trees to remind you of Spain! They are quite hard to keep in stock, as are all the plants and trees, but we are constantly working to improve supply as best we can whilst making sure they arrive in top condition :)


It was in good condition when it arrived. DHL delivery was very confusing and could be improved

Hi Judith, good to hear the tree reached you safely and thank you for the feedback with regards to DHL. We are continually reviewing our delivery standards so it is always helpful to have this information