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Myoga Japanese Ginger Plant


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Japanese ginger, known as myoga (Zingiber mioga), is a hardy, clump-forming plant with lush foliage that will thrive in UK conditions. Although myoga is from the ginger family, only its edible flower buds and flavourful shoots are used in cooking, which are a seasonal delicacy in Japanese cuisine. Unlike true ginger, the Japanese ginger root is not eaten.

Japanese ginger plants are best placed in rich soil, in partial shade. When planted outside, the foliage will die back in winter and burst into life again in the spring. From mid to late summer, the fleshy, crunchy buds are produced at soil level, or just below, and should be harvested before they open.

Japanese ginger uses - In Japanese cooking, fresh myoga ginger is usually served thinly sliced as a garnish, particularly with sashimi, adding a fresh and mild ginger flavour. Fresh slices also work very well in miso soup, or tossed into spring salads. Myoga pickle is easily made with vinegar, salt and sugar. If you still have myoga to spare, then slice in half and fry with butter, or deep fry in tempura batter.

Available in a 9cm pot, as a single plant or set of 3.

Other growing tips:

  • Plant in fertile neutral or slightly acidic well-draining soil
  • Mulch can be added in preparation for winter for added protection
  • South, East or West facing aspect
  • Leaves will die off after frost, simply remove
  • Can be grown in a pot, in which case moving indoors (but not too warm) over winter may be advisable or keeping in a frost-protected spot outdoors
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Customer Reviews

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Mike K. (Southampton, England)
Great condition!

The plant & the Ginger buds all arrived is great condition !
Really enjoying adding slices of the Ginger Buds to many different meals, adding a different flavour to all.

Thanks Mike, that's great to hear and best of luck with the plant!