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Yuzu Tree (non-hardy)


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Grafted onto a vigorous rootstock (Volkamerania) these trees are fast to establish given the correct conditions. Hardy to –3ºC they are recommended for indoor growing in the UK, they can however be grown outdoors in a pot and moved inside during winter months. Planting into a garden in a warm spot, protected from hard frost is possible but be advised extra protection will be required. Trees are expected to flower in the spring following delivery, fruits ripen throughout the year ready for harvest during October – December. All trees stand 100-120cm tall (including pot) and were grafted a minimum of 18 months ago.

The yuzu tree is a hybridisation of a sour mandarin and the lemon like Ichang papaeda. It is from the Ichang papaeda that the yuzu inherited its ability to stand cold temperatures.

Yuzu is the best known of the Japanese citrus fruits, the juice combines grapefruit and mandarin flavours with unrivalled zest. The skin of the fresh fruit carries a powerful hit of citrus with a striking, floral aroma. An essential element of Japanese cuisine, yuzu is used to flavour ponzus, soy sauces, miso, honey and chilli paste. European chefs have embraced its famously tart juice in dishes as wide ranging as fish and white meat to sorbets, ice creams and cheesecakes. Yuzu juice and zest are also big hits with the cocktail crowd and a yuzu gin & tonic tastes like discovering the drink all over again for the first time.