The cut off for guaranteed Christmas delivery has now passed.

Orders that do not contain perishable items will continue to ship as normal with no guarantee of arrival before Christmas.

Orders containing perishable items will be dispatched again as normal, from Wednesday 27th December.

Please note: there is no dispatch on Monday 1st due to New Year's day bank holiday.

Fresh Products As Gifts

All orders are packed and sent in our gift box. Simply purchase the items you would like to add to the box and we will do the rest.

The box will be sealed in a sleeve to keep it clean and sent without our branding to keep your secret.

Full instructions are included in the box to allow you to open it, store any fresh produce and then re-box when you are ready to give your gift. To see the instructions CLICK HERE.

The boxes are marked "open & refrigerate".

Fresh wasabi will last two weeks in the fridge if the instructions inside the box are followed.

* Fresh products are:

  • Fresh Wasabi
  • Watercress Bunches
  • All Plants & Trees
  • Fresh Wasabi Starter Pack
  • Fresh Wasabi Pro & Gro Kit
  • Fresh Wasabi Starter Kit, Plant & Condiment Set
  • Wasabi Mega Freaks Collection
  • EXCLUDES fresh citrus as we only have a limited supply of these which will not be available leading up to Christmas

    Additional delivery instructions can be entered during checkout, here you can nominate a safe place as an alternative delivery point. Though we cannot guarantee the courier will follow these instructions. Therefore, we recommend you send to an address where somebody will be there to receive it.

    Please see our detailed delivery policy including cut off times for next day service.

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