Founded in 1753 by a former Samurai, Kamebishi has been producing exceptional soy sauce in the Kagawa Prefecture ever since. The secrets behind their range are passed down via spoken word from one generation to the next, the company is currently run by the 16th and 17th generation! Specialising in aged soy sauces, ranging from 2 to 38 years in vintage, Kamebishi is a leading name in the market, they are the only producer in the world that still uses the traditional mushiro koji method of production.

This means that the koji – the mixture of steamed soya beans, roasted wheat and koji mould – is fermented on a bed of woven rugs, made from grasses. The grass naturally balances the humidity while the koji is allowed to grow over four days. The koji is then mixed with salt water and placed into cedarwood barrels where it will be allowed to brew and age for anything from 2 to 38 years.

Kamebishi believe that nurturing the kojiin this way, combined with trade secrets carried by the family for centuries, gives their soy unique characteristics. All of their soy sauces are characterised by their high quality, a deep rich flavour and superb texture.