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Binchotan Briquettes 1kg


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These binchotan briquettes offer a great alternative to traditional binchotan yet still offer exceptional burn time giving a consistent heat.  This charcoal is made from tightly compressed sawdust which is then carbonised in stone binchotan kilns.  Only white oak sawdust is used in order to give a cleaner and more stable burn.

Just like traditional binchotan, these briquettes can take some time to get hot and we recommend following the procedure below or see our pdf guide here for successful lighting.

Instructions for use of Binchotan briquettes:

Due to its density the briquettes can be hard to light, a charcoal chimney is highly recommended as a solution. Start by lighting some standard charcoal in your chimney then when hot, pour out and use this to ignite the Binchotan briquettes in the chimney. Lighting time is 50 minutes on average.

Move the Binchotan briquettes to your grill when white hot.

Open and close the air windows to reach the desired temperature

The density of Binchotan briquettes means it will stay at cooking temperature for several hours (up to 6 hours on open fire grills, peak temperature 900 degrees C).  

Charcoal can be extinguised and reused.  To do so, when finished cooking, either place in fireproof container with lid or plunge in water.  Once fully dried it will light again.

Remove the charcoal from your barbecue, do not pour water into the barbecue.

It can also be extinguished in an airtight pot of ceramic or steel. 

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