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Konishi Gold Sake with Set of Four Sake Cups


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Water, rice, koji, yeast, brewer’s alcohol

Allergens: may contain gluten

A hugely popular and well-respected sake that boasts a fruity aroma with light flavour, Konishi Gold is a perfect introduction for wine lovers dipping their toe in the sake waters. Japanese ceramic sake cups complete the sake drinking experience.

Winner of Grand Gold Medal (2014) and Gold Medal (2015 & 2019) at the Fine Sake Awards, Konishi Gold comes from Konishi Shuzo, the oldest brewery in Japan to have been owned by a single family.

Konishi bring their 450 years + of brewing knowledge to bear and, using their ‘hiyashibori’ pressing method (i.e. pressing the sake in very cold temperatures with as little exposure to air as possible to limit oxidisation), produce this brilliant Daiginjo. On the nose, it is a delicate fruity fragrance with citrus, cherry & pear. Light-bodied, clean, elegant and simple with low acidity and delicate citrus, cucumber & pear flavours.

  • Konishi Gold - Daiginjo 15% abv - 720ml
  • Sake Cups, Black with Bright Green Drip x 4
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