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Vegetable Dashi with Kombu & Shiitake - 300ml


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Water (39.4%), Soy sauce (soybean, salt, wheat, glucose, rice, alcohol, water) (36.9%), sugar (7.8%), salt (5.2%), mirin (rice, rice koji, alcohol, sugars) (4%), alcohol (3.5%), kombu extract (kombu, salt) (1.7%), brewed vinegar (0.4%), kombu (0.4%), dried shiitake mushroom (0.4%), yeast extract (yeast extract, dextrin) (0.3%)

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Energy 74 kcal (310 kJ), Fat 0g of which saturates 0g, Carbohydrate 15.6g of which sugars 12.4g, Protein 3g, Salt 13.4g

Get some inspiration from some of our recipes that use this as an ingredient:

This liquid dashi is a concentrated, vegetarian version of a traditional dashi, it is prepared from kombu seaweed, dried shiitake mushroom, soy sauce and mirin, all  of which are very rich in umami flavour. Use this dashi in miso soup, broths or sauces to bring depth of flavour. It can also be used to season the cooking water of rice or a risotto or to marinade vegetables.

Dilution: use 1 part dashi to 8 parts of water, which means 125ml of dashi for 1L of water to make a clear broth.

Available in 300ml

Keep at room temperature, away from direct sunlight