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Buddha's Hand, also called 'Bushukan' in Japanese, is a unique citrus fruit from Japan. It gets its name from its unusual appearance, which looks like several yellow fingers sticking out from a central base, resembling Buddha's hands in meditation.

Unlike other citrus fruits, the Buddha's Hand fruit doesn't have juicy flesh or pulp inside. Instead, people value its fragrant outer peel and the relatively sweet inner part. The whole fruit is edible: the peel is often used to add flavour to dishes, baked goods and any recipes that require a citrus zest., while the sweet inner part can be eaten raw or used in cooking. Its strong citrus smell and special taste make it a highly prized exotic fruit in Japanese cooking.

Sold individually. Stores well in the fridge for 14 days.

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Robert W. (London, England)
Made a buddhashand limoncello

Made a buddhashand limoncello we will see at Christmas. But it will be good.

That sounds amazing Robert - if you'd like to share your recipe and an image we'd love to post it on our recipes page and, of course, give you the credit :)