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Sudachi Tree (hardy)


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Sudachi trees are grafted onto specially selected rootstock (Flying dragon – Poncirus trifoliata) to allow them to produce this fantastic fruit in the UK. Hardy down to -15 once the tree is well established, this gives the very best chance of raising successful citrus trees outdoors in the UK.

To establish the tree, grow in a pot for the first two years and move in winter to protect it from frost. Trees can then be planted out during the spring growing season. This rootstock is not suitable for alkaline soils but will thrive in acidic conditions. Soil and irrigation water should have a pH of no greater than 6.

The Flying Dragon rootstock is a dwarfing variety that will reduce the height of the tree compared to an un-grafted tree, but still allows for heights of 2.5m in optimum conditions. They are also deciduous so do not be surprised when your tree sheds its leaves in winter. The trees are suitable for growing in pots or in the garden.

The trees flower in spring and form fruit in small clusters which are ready to harvest in late autumn and winter.  All trees stand 100-120cm tall (including pot) and were grafted a minimum of 18 months ago.

Sudachi is a sour citrus used as a flavouring for both sweet and savoury dishes; the juice is almost always used unripe when it has a powerful, zesty aroma with a peppery lime like flavour.

Sudachi Tree Growing Guide

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