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Sake Triple Pack Taster Set - Shimizu, Setouchi, Pione


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Pack contains 3 bottles:

Shimizu Peach 50ml, abv 8.2%

Shimizu white peaches from Okayama Prefecture are well-known for their white colour and juicy, soft texture.  The peaches are infused into distilled Shochu to create a smooth, natural peach sweetness.  Great in cocktails, on ice or poured over ice cream.

Setouchi Lemon 50ml, abv 8.5%

Setouchi lemons are generally sweeter than normal ones thanks to the local area's warm climate and sea breeze.  The lemon juices are blended in Sake - a refreshing combination of sourness, saltiness and sweetness. Drink on ice, as an aperitif or in cocktails.

'Pione' Grape 50ml, abv 8.5%

Okayama Prefecture is famous for its juicy grape production.  Mukashibanashi 'Pione' grape liqueur showcases the natural sweetness of Japanese grapes with a hint of sourness infused with distilled Shochu.  Enjoy neat or poured over ice cream.