Product focus: Ramune Yuzu Lemonade

Product focus: Ramune Yuzu Lemonade

Did you ever think you'd turn to a lemonade for health benefits? Well, you might just be about to!

Ramune is a Yuzu Lemonade that not only tastes incredible, but will look after you too. Don't believe us? Keep reading...

Ramune Yuzu Lemonade

Ramune is a light and delicately sweet, still (not sparkling) yuzu lemonade that has been enriched with a replenishing combination of salts. Not only will this little drink quench your thirst in the most delicious way, it will also rehydrate your body.

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Made with fresh yuzu fruit and nigari, the liquid left after salt has been extracted from seawater. The nigari contains over 50 kinds of minerals, giving the lemonade a pleasantly bitter note, offsetting the sharp citrus. Not only that, but these natural salts work to replenish minerals and water in your body, whilst improving your circulation.

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It's entirely refreshing, packed with fresh, zesty flavour, and best enjoyed chilled. Its mineral content makes it a great choice post-workout, but its unbeatable flavour means you can sip it any time, for a thoroughly enjoyable drink.

The stunning can is made from cardboard making it an environmentally friendly option, too.

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