Christmas Gift Sets Inspired by Japanese Cuisine

Christmas Gift Sets Inspired by Japanese Cuisine

Are you shopping for a foodie or home chef this Christmas? Treat them to an unbeatably authentic Japanese experience at home!

The Essential Collections

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Do they love Japanese food? Gift them the joy of premium Japanese ingredients to form the foundation of their cooking. Whether you want to cover the basics with a Japanese Spice Set, an Essentials kit to start growing their collection of fundamental Japanese ingredients, or go all out and give them everything they could possibly need to start cooking the best Japanese food at home!

Fresh Wasabi Kits for Authentic Experiences

Buy fresh wasabi Christmas gift sets online the perfect present this season

If they love the clean heat of fresh wasabi, our wasabi kits will make the perfect present! With delayed shipping available, you can order this weekend to get your free Black Friday gift safe in the knowledge that your fresh wasabi kit will be delivered safely (and at it’s freshest!) closer to Christmas.

Miso Soup Kits For Ultimate Comfort Food

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Miso Soup might just be the ultimate comfort food, and if that’s right up their street then a Miso Soup Kit is what you need. Grab all the essentials in a Miso Soup Kit, push the boat out with an Ultimate Miso Soup Kit, complete with miso bowls, or, if they’re vegan, get the Vegan alternative for them to enjoy!

Sushi Kit For Wowing Guests

Buy Sushi making gift kits online the perfect Christmas presents for the foodie in your life

Whether they relish making their own sushi at home or want to wow some guests with their maki rolling skills, a Sushi kit is the one for them. Complete with nori, sushi rice and a maki mat, we even have kits with cookbooks to help inspire their sushi creations.

Flavour Kits For Taste Explorers

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If you want to introduce someone you love to your favourite taste sensations, or you think they’ll enjoy discovering something new, then our starter kits are a great option! Offering a delicious introduction to many of Japan’s best ingredients, these kits are superb at expanding food horizons.

Cookbook Kits For A Little Inspiration

Choose a great Christmas present online from one of our Japanese Cook Book gift sets

Know an experimental chef who needs a recipe to follow? Not only do we have some exceptional Japanese cookbooks available, but we’ve built some of our favourite books into gift kits, so you can treat them to a variety of recipes to inspire them plus the ingredients to get started!


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