All About Sushi

All About Sushi

Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish that has taken the world by storm, offers a unique combination of delicate flavours and artful presentation.

This exquisite cuisine is as much a visual feast as it is a mosaic of taste, where meticulously crafted pieces can deliver an array of textures and flavours ranging from the subtle sweetness of fresh fish to the piquant zing of pickled ginger and wasabi.

Whether it's the classic nigiri, the seaweed-wrapped maki, or the modern fusion sushi roll, sushi promises a tantalising experience for connoisseurs and curious diners alike.


The history of sushi

Sushi's history dates back to the 2nd century BC in Southeast Asia, where it began as a way to preserve fish in fermented rice.

Eventually, this method made its way to Japan, where the Japanese honed the fermentation process and introduced vinegar to the mix, thus creating a precursor to the modern nigiri.

It was during the Edo period that sushi as we know it - featuring vinegared rice and fresh, rather than fermented, fish - became popularised, swiftly evolving into a beloved fast food in the bustling streets of Edo (now Tokyo).

The word sushi translates to 'sour-tasting' in English - a reference to the delicious umami flavour.

How to make sushi

Making sushi at home can be a delightful and rewarding process, beginning with the preparation of sushi rice: short-grain rice seasoned with a blend of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. For a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect sushi rice, check out our blog post!

Once the rice is cooled to room temperature, it's time to assemble your sushi.

For a simple maki roll, place a sheet of nori on a bamboo mat, evenly spread the sushi rice on the nori, and add your preferred ingredients like fresh fish, avocado, or cucumber.

Roll it tightly with the mat, slice the rolled sushi into bite-sized pieces, and serve with soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi to enhance the flavour journey.


It's not just about the fish!

Sushi aficionados know that it isn't just the fish that stars in this culinary art form; the real secret to exceptional sushi lies in the quality of its rice and the balance of its accompaniments.

The perfectly seasoned and cooked rice provides the foundation for sushi, bringing the right texture and subtle flavours that harmonise with the toppings.

Vegetarian options, like the umami-rich shiitake mushroom nigiri or the refreshing avocado roll, celebrate the versatility of sushi, demonstrating that the heart of this dish is the experience of contrasting tastes and textures coming together in harmony, not merely the seafood it often showcases.

Authentic Japanese sushi styles and toppings

Ever seen a sushi restaurant serve cream cheese in their sushi rolls? Contrary to its popularity, this is not actually a traditional Japanese sushi filling!

Traditional Japanese sushi revolves around simplicity and the exquisite natural flavours of its ingredients.

Authentic styles like nigiri sushi, featuring a slice of raw fish over a mound of vinegared rice, and sashimi, which is purely slices of fresh fish without rice, highlight the skill of sushi chefs in how they slice and present the seafood.

Toppings commonly include tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, with more delicate options like sea urchin and roe appealing to refined palates.

Vegetables and pickles, such as daikon radish and pickled ginger, are often used not just for their taste but also for their digestive benefits.

Learn all about sushi and buy kits to make at home

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Traditional Japanese sushi is a unique experience to what you may have tried in Western sushi restaurants. As we have discussed, authentic sushi is far more than just fish - it's a wonderful balance of flavours.

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Sushi starter sets

To make it easier for those starting out, or as an amazing gift for sushi-lovers, we've created our extremely popular Sushi Starter Sets!

Don't worry if eating raw fish doesn't appeal to you, you can easily substitute the fish in these starter sets with egg, tofu, aubergine, cucumber, or other veggies.

Sushi rice, rice vinegar, nori and more!

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making amazing sushi easy at home

Japanese cookery courses to master sushi making

A truly unique and memorable gift for the foodies in your life is a guide to an exceptional Japanese cookery course.

Hashi, a Japanese cookery course by Reiko Hashimoto, is a book designed to open the world of Japanese cooking up to everyone. Taking the reader through the steps of the cuisine, from the basics to adventurous dishes, every reader will be a master by the end!

Sushi At Home by Yuki Gomi is an incredible introduction to mastering the art of making sushi at home. It's truly a must-read! If you're feeling ready to tackle sushi for yourself after reading this blog post, order it today.


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