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Wasabi Freaks Collection


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Wasabi Mayo: Rapeseed oil, pasteurised free range egg yolk (10%), fresh wasabi (5%), vinegar, horseradish, oriental mustard, cornflower, salt, sugar.

Wasabi Mustard: Mustard (41%) (water, mustard powder, mustard bran), White Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Wasabi (5%), Horseradish, Salt, Turmeric

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Wasabi Mayo: Energy 2748 kJ (667 kcal), Total Fat 72g of which saturates 5.1g, Carbohydrate 2.5g of which sugars 1.3g, Protein 2g, Salt 0.9g

Wasabi Mustard: Energy 772 kJ (183 kcal), Total Fat 6.8g of which saturates 0.4g, Carbohydrate 22.3g of which sugars 16.1g, Protein 5.6g, Salt 3.54g

All made with our own English wasabi, these three award-winning products boast the genuine flavour of real wasabi.

Enjoy a collection of award-winning wasabi flavours...

Savour the mild moreish flavour of Wasabi Mayonnaise, especially tasty for dipping chips and crudité. We would highly recommend our wasabi mayo served with smoked salmon canapés, spread liberally on your favourite sandwich, or livening up a potato salad.

Wasabi Mustard is wonderfully tangy and perfect for enriching any meal. We would recommend using the mustard to make a lively sandwich or salad dressing. The piquant mustard, with just a hint of spice, can brighten any dish delightfully.

Wasabi Vodka is a truly unique spirit, capturing the aromatic fresh wasabi, and single-distilled to retain its incredible quality and texture. Served over ice or in a Bloody Mary, wash down the Wasabi Vodka with its sweet moreish taste and the unmistakable pungency of fresh wasabi.

How to enjoy the Wasabi Freaks Collection

This collection is perfect for serious wasabi fans, looking to experience the adventurous flavour of authentic fresh wasabi. The three award-winning products included are a feast for the senses for budding and professional chefs.

Try using the collection to experiment with new recipes and dishes, and watch your food transform with delicious flavour. Find recipes recommended by The Wasabi Company here for inspiration.

Whether you're purchasing the collection for yourself, or as an original gift for a foodie, the Wasabi Freaks Collection is sure to blow anyone away.

The Wasabi Freaks Collection contains:

  • Wasabi Mayonnaise 175g
  • Wasabi Mustard 175g
  • Wasabi Vodka 50cl

Allergens: Egg, Mustard

Wasabi Mayonnaise

Our Wasabi Mayonnaise is truly one of a kind.

The fresh-tasting, all-natural mayonnaise is perfectly balanced with the mild, authentic flavour of fresh wasabi, grown in spring water on our Dorset and Hampshire farms.

Wonderfully moreish and versatile, this is the only mayonnaise in the world made with English wasabi.

Distinguished by a gentle yet lively taste, emboldened by the pungent heat of the fresh wasabi root, the wasabi mayo still retains a sweet moreish flavour.

Serve with smoked salmon canapés, spread liberally on your favourite sandwich or liven up a potato salad.

Here's what Nigella Lawson had to say about our Wasabi Mayonnaise:

"I usually make my own mayonnaise, but I do like Wasabi Growers Wasabi Mayonnaise."

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, pasteurised free-range egg yolk (10%), fresh wasabi (5%), vinegar, horseradish, oriental mustard, cornflower, salt, sugar.

Wasabi Mustard

Our original, tangy natural mustard recipe was specifically created to combine beautifully with the authentic flavour of fresh English wasabi, grown on our own Dorset and Hampshire farms.

With the unmistakable, aromatic pungency of fresh wasabi, and the tangy heat of fresh horseradish, the Wasabi Mustard brings a welcome hot zing to your dishes.

Intriguing, stimulating, and unique, the mustard adds a distinguishing taste to any recipe.

Wasabi Mustard is particularly delicious when spread on ham sandwiches. Combine with beef, patê or cheese for an especially lively sandwich.

Additionally, try using the mustard in salad dressings or sauces, and savour the distinctive taste of fresh wasabi root.

Ingredients: Mustard (41%) (water, mustard powder, mustard bran), white wine vinegar, sugar, wasabi (5%), horseradish, salt, turmeric

Wasabi Vodka

Our craft vodka captures the elusive flavour of fresh wasabi like never before, by carefully distilling UK-grown wasabi in copper pot stills with an artisanal small batch of vodka.

Single-distilled and unfiltered, the spirit retains a natural creamy smoothness. Buttery at the start, brassica flavours of sweet mustard and radish give way to high notes of star anise and pepper, followed by a complex lingering warmth.

Fresh wasabi paste, straight from our Dorset and Hampshire farms, is used for maximum flavour and to get the distinctive pungency of real wasabi. Under the expert hand of award-winning master distiller Dr John Walters, the complexity of fresh wasabi is captured through an innovative distillation technique, allowing the enigmatic heat and flavour to shine.

For true wasabi lovers, we recommend enjoying this vodka neat or over ice - however, the flavour profile is perfectly suited to a Bloody Mary. It can also be enjoyed in a classic vodka martini recipe for a fiery adaptation, over ice, with soda water or your choice of mixer.

Ingredients: Our own English wasabi

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