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Dried Magnolia (Hoba) Leaves - 100 leaves


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Magnolia Leaves (100%)

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

The ancient tradition of eating “Hoba Miso” (Magnolia leaf cooked with miso) came from the mountainous Hida region. Now, it is synonymous with well-marbled and highly prized local Hida Beef. The irresistible aroma and taste from magnolia leaves adds a nutty, rustic flavour.

Simply rehydrate the magnolia leaves, spread with miso and some tender beef, then bake in the oven. For fully authentic flavour, cook over one of our Shichirin or Konro grills. 

Magnolia leaves spread with miso can be used to wrap almost any food, marinated fish, shiitake mushrooms or aubergine all work well.

Store in a cool, dry place