Hangiri, Cypress Wood & Copper Rice Bowl


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Mastering the art of cooking the rice is the first step in preparing good quality sushi. A hangiri bowl, also called handai or Sushi Oke, plays a vital part in the final steps of cooling the rice and adding the vinegar. It is also the very best way to keep your rice the correct texture. 

Kiso Sawara Cypress wood has been the preferred material for holding sushi rice for centuries owing to its highly hydroscopic properties, these allow it to both absorb and release moisture. This regulation of moisture content holds the sticky texture of your rice longer than any other material. Covered with a clean, damp cloth the rice can be held at room temperature for 12 hours. 

A flat base and shallow sides allow for rapid cooling and easy mixing of rice and vinegar. Hangiri are are bound in the traditional way with copper rings. Built to last, attractive to work with and made from the very best material for storing rice, Hangiri are a must have for any kitchen where sushi is prepared.

Available in two sizes:

30cm diameter

36cm diameter

Care instructions for the bowls can be found HERE 


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