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Konro Grill Barbecue Set


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This compact, genuine iconic grill belies its size by delivering a powerful, radiant heat. Binchotan charcoal, combined with the extreme thermal properties of the earthenware grill, is the secret to a long lasting and even cooking temperature. Professional Japanese skewers complete the package to have you cooking Yakitori style in not time.

A great kit to discover the joy of Japanese barbecuing for the first time.

Designed with Yakitori (skewers) in mind the narrow shape allows skewers to be suspended over the fire without a grill. The inclusion of a grill means you can cook larger items without skewers, pots and pans can also be heated.

Free UK mainland delivery on this konro grill set!

Original Konro Grills are constructed from diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock formed from the accumulation of fossilised silica remains of microscopic algae. The earth is moulded into bricks and kiln fired at 1000ºC. the porous nature of the earth creates highly effective thermal insulation and fire resistance. These properties, combined with the famous Binchotan charcoal, make the Konro Grill a powerful and theatrical way to barbecue.

These authentic Konro Grills are made by Kaginushi Kogyo. The Kaginushi family have been fishermen for generations; since the inception of the modern company in 1932, the winter season has been used to manufacture traditional bricks and tiles. Gradually they have developed into specialists in the production of diatomaceous earth bricks, the culmination of this work is the Konro Grill. These grills are now famous for their remarkable heat retention and infrared cooking properties and are found in kitchens of the world’s finest chefs.

Set includes:

  • Genuine Konro Grill, Table Barbecue - 31 x 23 x 20 cm
  • Premium BBQ Skewers - 30cm x 12
  • Sumi Binchotan, Hexagonal Briquettes – 1kg x 2