Misty Mountain - Junmai Bodaimoto Nigori 720ml

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 Sweet & sour, zesty with a peppery aftertaste

If you are not familiar with nigorizake then do not be alarmed – the unique characteristic of this type of sake is a cloudy brew. The cloudiness comes from the fact that these sake are unfiltered – or in the case of Misty Mountain, partially filtered – leaving some of the rice lees still in the bottle.

This lends a particularly zesty/lively flavour and a slightly chewy texture. Misty Mountain is also made using the ancient Bodaimoto method, which tends to yield slightly earthier and sourer sake (this is a good thing!).

The combination of all these factors is remarkable: fresh fragrance and a ‘sweet and sour’ flavour with notes of zesty lemon, passion fruit & pepper, a slightly chewy and thick mouthfeel, and a long and peppery aftertaste.

Tsuji Honten - in Katsuyama town, Okayama, Japan - was founded in 1804. Today’s brother & sister team, Soichiro & Maiko Tsuji, are the seventh generation brewers. Tsuji Honten are pioneers of using omachi rice and an ancient, medieval brewing technique: Bodaimoto. This results in sake that is balanced, rich, earthy yet clean tasting with buckets of umami.

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Japanese name: Gozenshu Junmai Bodaimoto Usu-nigori Sake Hiire

Ingredients: water, rice, koji, yeast

Suitable for heating, this sake pairs well with blue cheeses and spicy/peppery dishes.


Blue cheese, spicy/peppery dishes

  • ABV:17.5%
  • Polishing Rate:65%
  • SMV:-4
  • Acidity Metre:1.6
  • Amino Metre:1.3
  • Rice:omachi