• White Fuji - Barley Shochu 25% abv - 720ml

White Fuji - Barley Shochu 25% abv - 720ml

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Shirayuki Honkaku

100% single distilled Mugi (barley) Shochu. Made with the famous waters of Mount Rokko in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan providing refreshing, light & smooth drinking thanks to the subtle & delicately poised flavours of the barley.

Shochu is primarily made using a two step fermentation and distillation process. The fermentation is very similar to sake production with water, koji (usually white koji), rice & yeast that goes into a moto (yeast starter mash). After fermentation is established, the barley is added and allowed to ferment, followed by filtration and distillation.

By using 100% barley it means the delicious, barley flavours are at the forefront of this shochu.

"Honkaku Shochu" is a certification that denotes restricted ingredients and the authentic production method of single distillation, this method retains the rich flavour and aroma of the ingredients.   

Enjoy straight, on the rocks or mixed (equal parts) with cold or hot water.

Ingredients: barley, koji, water, yeast