Fresh Young Ginger Is Back In Stock and so are Wasabi Plants!

Fresh Young Ginger Is Back In Stock and so are Wasabi Plants!

Young ginger is at the root of a ginger plant; eventually it will dry out and become the fresh ginger sold in supermarkets. In its freshest state, straight from the ground, it has a texture and flavour like nothing else – not to be missed!

Fresh Young Ginger now available to buy online at The Wasabi Company

Far less fibrous than fresh ginger as we know it, young ginger is much jucier and more crisp. It has an excellent texture for grating or finely slicing for fish, chicken, salads or soups. Deliciously aromatic, it is superb raw and has a slightly more delicate spiciness than regular ginger. It's also perfect for pickling to make a brilliant sushi garnish – check out chef Akemi's video on how to do that. It has a very short season so if you want to try this true delicacy, you only have a short window.

Wasabi Plants, available now!

Wasabi Plants now back in stock and available to buy online

If you're not quite ready to down tools in the garden just yet, why not think ahead and get some wasabi plants started now? It's a great time to pot these young plants which will reach maturity in 18-24 months, gifting you with precious wasabi stems to be grated and enjoyed.

In Japan, they grow in riverbeds in the mountains, in your garden they will enjoy a shady spot with well draining soil. The entire wasabi plant is edible, so they are brilliant for the grow-your-own chef.

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