What Are Japanese Konro Grills?

What Are Japanese Konro Grills?

What Are Japanese Konro Grills?

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate grilled food experience with Japanese Konro Grills. For centuries, these small but mighty grills - also know as Hibachi - have been serving up some of the most flavourful, juicy, and healthy grilled dishes. Discover what makes Konro grills so unique as we dive into their benefits, variety, mouth-watering recipes, and more.

What is a Japanese Hibachi Konro Grill and how to cook on it

What is a Konro grill?

A Konro grill is a traditional Japanese grill made from clay or ceramic, often shaped like small cylindrical boxes. They are used to cook meat, fish and vegetables over decent quality lump charcoal or special wood called binchotan.

Traditional Japanese konro grills are small and portable and were designed to be used outdoors. They often come with a mesh grid on top to cook on and an ash receptacle at the bottom to collect ashes. These traditional grills are fired by charcoal, allowing for consistent and evenly cooked food in minutes.

What is special about a Konro grill?

Superior heat insulation properties for juicer meats

For an authentic Japanese BBQ experience, you'll need a Konro grill. The beauty of a Konro grill is that its intense heat (up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit) sears the food quickly, trapping in its natural juices and creating a rich, smoky flavour in the food. 

This means you get mouth-watering grilled food without the need for heavy sauces or marinades. In addition, Konro grills are ideal for cooking fattier cuts of meat, such as wagyu beef or pork belly, as they don't dry out as much as they would on a regular grill. The intense heat is also great for creating crisp caramelised skins on meats.

Cooking on a Japanese konro grill

A healthier way to grilling meats

Konro grills are also a healthier way to grill food as the high heat evaporates the fat, reducing the carcinogenic compounds released when meat fat drips onto flames. The result is cooked meat with reduced fat content and less charring, resulting in a juicy and tender texture. 

Everything you’ll need for the best Japanese Konro grill experience

For an authentic Hibachi grill experience, you will need binchotan charcoal, a Konro grill, and a mesh grid or grilling plate to cook on. Other useful tools include a pair of long-handled tongs, a basting brush, an ash rake, some delicious ingredients and a meat thermometer.

What is binchotan charcoal and why use it in a japanese bbq

Binchotan charcoal

The secret to perfecting your grilled dishes is with our Binchotan charcoal. Specially designed for use in a Konro, this charcoal burns slowly and at a low temperature with minimal smoke. This means that your food's flavour is preserved, providing an indulgent taste experience. Made using traditional methods from dense hardwood, our briquettes can safely be reused and dried for your next grilling session.

Beware of fake, low quality charcoals

When purchasing Konro grill charcoal / binchotan charcoal, be sure to buy from a reputable supplier. Fake or low-quality charcoal can result in excessive smoke, an uneven cook, and produce carbon monoxide which is hazardous to your health. All our charcoals are premium quality and perfect for everyday grilling. You can stock up here.

What meat is best for Konro grill?

The best meats to cook on a konro grill are fatty cuts of meat that require high heat and quick cooking times. Beef, pork, chicken, and seafood are all great options. Wagyu beef and pork belly are especially popular choices as they have high-fat content that caramelises and melts in the mouth on a Konro grill. For grill enthusiasts who prefer veggies, eggplant and mushrooms also work well. Stuck on ideas? Check out our 5 dishes to make on a Konro grill including charcoal grilled chicken skewers (Negima Yakitori) and Tonkatsu pork belly skewers.

Using marinades and sauces on Japanese barbecu

Marinade, sauces and dips

Marinating your meats or vegetables before grilling is advised to add flavour and tenderise the meat. Check out some ideas to get you started here.

How to use a Konro grill – setting up and cleaning tips

Before using a Konro grill, you should fill it with binchotan charcoal and light it up using a chimney starter or a lighter. Once the charcoal has turned white, you can place your food on the mesh grid or grilling plate and start cooking. To clean your Konro grill, let it cool down completely and wipe it with a damp cloth. Never use soap or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the grill's surface.

Can you use Konro grill indoors?

Traditional Konro grills are meant to be used outdoors, as they can produce a lot of smoke and require ventilation.

Tips for maintaining your Konro grill to last longer

To make your Konro grill last longer, always store it in a dry place when not in use. After each use, clean it thoroughly to remove any ash or charcoal residue. Also, periodically check for cracks or chips in the grill's surface, as these can affect the grill's functionality and make it less safe to use.

Where to buy authentic Japanese Konro grills

Get the authentic Japanese cooking experience without leaving your home with our original Konro grill varieties, available in multiple sizes to match any group or table size. Perfect for couples, our small Konro grill (31cm) delivers mouthwatering results, while our whopping 77cm Konro is perfect for larger families. Watch your food sizzle and flame-grilled to perfection right before your eyes with our true BBQ experience.

We also offer all the Konro grill accessories you will need, from authentic binchotan charcoal to high-quality Japanese ingredients from our online grocery store. Order your Konro grill today and get ready to impress your friends with a unique culinary experience!

Ready to try authentic Japanese Konro BBQ?

Japanese konro grills are a fantastic way to experience grilled food as it was intended – with rich, smoky flavours and juicy textures. You'll be surprised with how a simple charcoal grill can elevate your food into a mouth-watering masterpiece.

By following our tips and trying out some delicious recipes, you may find yourself a Konro grill convert in no time.

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