Is Fresh Wasabi a Super Food?

Is Fresh Wasabi a Super Food?

Fresh Wasabi is of course our favourite spice, and as you're part of our community of wasabi and Japanese food lovers... then it's probably fair to say you love it too!

But did you know, that as well as being an awesome culinary weapon, real wasabi also boasts an abundance of health-promoting properties? It's packed full of vitamins, minerals and some very interesting health-promoting compounds too.

Currently, scientific research is beginning to understand why wasabi is a superfood and powerful herbal medicine.

5 Health Benefits That You Didn't Know About Fresh Wasabi


The fresh plant is high in vitamins and minerals (especially vitamins B6 and C) and the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese.


Isothiocyanates, these are compounds found in wasabi that give it that famous fire! They have been found to be highly efficient in killing a number of different types of cancer cells in the lab. Many scientific studies around the world are currently being conducted to continue learning more about the potential for wasabi as a part of treatment programs.


Scientists are studying Wasabi for other reasons too! It's believed it's antimicrobial activity may help in the quest to find alternatives to antibiotics which are becoming increasingly resistant. Studies have shown that it can inhibit growth of some of the bacteria that cause food poisoning and respiratory disease,as well as preventing yeasts, fungi and moulds from spreading.


It might sound crazy but there is some evidence to suggest it could be!  Researchers have found high levels of Isosaponarin in Wasabi which promotes collagen synthesis and stimulates papilla cells in the scalp to promote hair growth. There was even a study where men with hair loss rubbed wasabi on their head and the result suggested it could be true - we aren't entirely convinced on this one... but if you want to be our guinea pig, get in touch!


Some studies have found that the compounds in wasabi destroy the viruses that cause colds and flu too! 

Research is being undertaken to ascertain whether wasabi could be useful in the fight against coronavirus, though no direct evidence so far has shown it is.


Now, that's a lot of reasons why we think Wasabi is a Super Food!

In fact, there are just the tip of the iceberg, countless studies are currently being undertaken to explore the medicinal and health-promoting benefits of our wonderful spice. We will keep you posted!

Please note that the benefits we have mentioned come from the results of genuine scientific studies. However, they are intended not be taken as medical advice. Most discoveries regarding the potential health benefits of wasabi are relatively new and further research is being very carried out all over the world to develop initial findings.

Always listen to your doctor and please treat this information as no more than food to feed your curiosity about our beloved wasabi!

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