Sansho Sansho Sansho Show!

Sansho Sansho Sansho Show!

It's The Sansho Show at The Wasabi Co this week..⁠

We are delighted with the arrival of Sansho Trees to the citrus season! Did you know they belong to the citrus family?⁠

Yet another wonder of Japanese cuisine that has been gleefully seized upon by chefs worldwide.⁠

The highly aromatic notes of lemongrass, fresh lemon, mint and verbena, packed together with a powerful punch of tingly spiciness makes sansho supers popular with creative and experimental chefs and keen home cook and kitchen gardeners.⁠

When you grow the trees at home you get three great Japanese classics in one tree...❤️????????⁠

Kinome are the young leaves with a powerful flavour and a unique tingling citrussy spice effect. Add them to fish, shellfish, chicken, soups and desserts like cheesecake as they do in Japan.⁠

Unripe green berries are harvested in spring, pluck them from the bunches and use them straight away, or preserve them in brine or vinegar. Think fruit and herb flavours for green sansho.⁠

Red sansho has a slightly more floral and rose-like fragrance. Both have that distinct sansho peppery tingle that lasts in the mouth. ⁠

Get them now at our online shop!

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