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Fresh Watercress


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100% Watercress

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Fresh watercress straight from our farms.  Grown in mineral-rich spring water on our farms in Dorset, Hampshire and Spain, our watercress is hand-harvested at its best, then bagged unwashed to give maximum shelf life.

In Victorian times watercress was picked and sent by rail around the country to provide affordable, quality nutrition to the nation. It was sold in bunches and often eaten on the go by factory and city workers, we like to think it may have been one of the first (and certainly healthiest) fast foods!

Loaded with peppery isothiocyanates and high in Vitamin C, A and K. Discover exactly how healthy watercress is here

Watercress is perfect for trimming into salads, garnishing, blending for pestos and smoothies or for cooking in delicious soups and sauces. For recipe inspiration visit

Keep watercress in the fridge.

Available in recyclable bags of 200g, 500g & 1kg.

Did you know?

Our watercress is now used in a a breakthrough, science-driven and data-backed liquid derived from the watercress plant. Prof & Doc ® is a brand launched in 2023 by Watercress Research Ltd. Through the novel extraction process, they have been able to harness the unique properties of the watercress plant to benefit the skin. The extract is soothing and protects against skin irritation as well as being suitable for all skin types. Read more about the products.