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Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce - 730ml


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Chilli (61%), sugar, water, salt, garlic, flavour enhancer (MSG), stabiliser (xanthan gum), acidity regulator (acetic acid, citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate)

Packed in a facility that handles soybeans and mustard.

Energy 139 kcal (585 kJ), Fat 1.2g of which saturates 0.2g, Carbohydrate 28g of which sugars 22g, Protein 2.3g, Salt 7.3g

Sriracha (Rooster) Chilli Sauce is an iconic hot sauce known for its bright red colour, tangy heat and versatility. Produced by Huy Fong Foods, it is often referred to simply as "Rooster Sauce" due to the rooster emblem prominently displayed on its packaging.

This sauce has gained a massive following worldwide, transcending its original role as a staple in Asian cuisine to become a beloved condiment in many kitchens around the world.

Distinctive and Well-Balanced

The sauce is well known for it's well-balanced combination of flavours.

The chilli provides a moderate heat level, which is spicy but manageable for most people whilst the vinegar adds a sharp, tangy kick that complements the chilli heat.

A hint of sweetness from the sugar helps balance the spiciness and tanginess, the robust garlic flavour adds depth and richness to the sauce.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Refrigerate after opening. 

Popular Ways To Use Sriracha

Sriracha Chicken Wings: Toss chicken wings in Sriracha sauce before oven baking or grilling, for a spicy and tangy flavour.

Sriracha Mayo: Mix Sriracha with mayonnaise to create a spicy, creamy condiment perfect for sandwiches, burgers and fries.

Sriracha Fried Rice: Add a spoonful of Sriracha to fried rice for an extra kick of flavour.

Spicy Sriracha Noodles: Toss cooked noodles with Sriracha, soy sauce and a touch of sesame oil for a quick and delicious dish.

Sriracha Condiment: Use as a dip for spring rolls, dumplings and French fries or as a topping for burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.

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