Simply The Zest: Fresh Citrus AND Japanese Wasabi

Simply The Zest: Fresh Citrus AND Japanese Wasabi

We’ve got the perfect thing to brighten up your weekend! Inject some colour and a serious zing in to your cooking with our super fresh citrus. We also have some very special Wasabi in stock that has come fresh from Shizuoka prefecture, in particular the Amagi area which is renowned for high quality wasabi.

!!!Fresh Japanese Wasabi In Stock Now!!!



Hailed as the queen of citrus with good reason; this delightful Japanese fruit sits somewhere between a mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. Spectacularly moreish it can be used in an array of dishes – savoury and sweet. We have a whole host of Yuzu products, however nothing can compete with the sublime aroma of fresh Yuzu. Please note, our current stock of Yuzu is green, with yellow expected in November.

Finger Limes

Filled with tiny pearls of juice that pop in your mouth, this fruit is exactly as fun as it looks. Often used as a vegan alternative to caviar, the flavour is like lemon and lime combined. You can have great fun with Finger Limes by hiding them in dishes as a wonderful surprise, or incorporate them in cocktails for an exotic citrus twist.



Not to be mistaken for the common lime, fresh Sudachi have a surprisingly peppery, herbal undertone in flavour. Famously used with mushrooms, particularly matsutake, they are incredibly versatile and will also work very well in savoury dishes like sushi, fish and ceviche, but also in desserts like cake and sorbet.

Buddha's Hands

These crazy looking fruits are a little different to what you might expect from citrus – they have no juice, only skin and pith. Grated, this funky fruit can add strong citrus notes to vegetables, or in baking. You can also infuse it in alcohol, syrups, sugars, vinegars and salts. You can even pickle the pith for a twisted treat!


Japanese Wasabi


Wasabi can take two years to reach maturity in the UK. This and the growing market for fresh wasabi in Europe means we are not always able to keep pace with demand from our own farms. However, we now have a reliable supply of the highest quality wasabi from Japan to support our UK production.

 The steep terraces of Ikadaba in Amagi dominate the valley, where crystal clear spring water flows down from the mountains to deliver nutrients and minerals to the wasabi plants. These native conditions are where wasabi thrives best and, while we do our best to replicate them in the UK, often produce much heftier stems.

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