Our Best-Selling Japanese Vinegar: Tosazu

Our Best-Selling Japanese Vinegar: Tosazu

If you’re looking for a smooth introduction to the world of Japanese vinegars, this is the one for you.

Tosazu, or Dashi Vinegar, is world renowned for its exquisite flavour of smoked bonito, luxurious umami notes and perfectly balanced acidity. Countless chefs keep it in their kitchens, unsurprisingly it is our best-selling vinegar. But how do you achieve such a high quality vinegar?

The vinegar is fermented in Japanese Kumano cedar casks that have been seasoned with only natural products, including kombu seaweed, bonito fish flakes and mirin. Family-run brewers Marusho have been producing top quality vinegars for almost 150 years, and you can taste every decade of experience in their products.

Tosazu starts in the same way all Marusho vinegars do, with rice grown on the family’s own estate and fresh, soft water from the nearby Nachi Waterfall and Kumano Mountains. Traditionally brewed with utmost care at the hands of skilled craftsmen, the result is a deeply flavoured vinegar of the finest quality.

How Can You Use Tosazu?

Tosazu is perfect for dressing any vegetable, but it is particularly well-suited to Sunomono cucumber salad and seaweed. Its balance of acidity and sweetness also make it exceptional for a fish carpaccio.

A little goes a long way with this product, owing to its rich flavour of smoked bonito, so use it in small amounts to great effect.

Got your taste buds tingling? You can get Tosazu in two sizes, 300ml and 700ml, online today.

Learn more about Marusho and see where this amazing vinegar is made:

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