Yuzu Heaven

Yuzu Heaven

Yuzu - We love it! Sweet, sour, bitter, zesty, tangy, fruity, notes from mandarins, grapefuits and lemons...its no wonder they call it 'the queen of citrus'! ????⁠

⁠Try switching orange, lemon, or grapefruit in your recipes for fresh yuzu zest or juice and see what happens!⁠⁠

Famously aromatic with its blend of notes from mandarin, grapefruit and lemon yuzu is wonderful in savoury cooking added to soups, stews and dressing and sings beautfiully in creamy desserts in place of lemon.⁠

Currently green and tart, later in the season its flavour will mellow as it turns to yellow. Both green and yellow are used in Japanese cooking. 

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