Tim Anderson Yakitori Barbecue Cook Along

Tim Anderson Yakitori Barbecue Cook Along

Back by Popular demand, Tim Anderson will be hosting our next Cook Along event. This time he's educating us in Japanese Izakaya (food with drinks),

and in particular, the well-loved barbecue favourite: 'yakitori' skewers. 

Impress your guests over the bank holiday weekend by offering them authentic Yakitori Chicken skewers at your next barbecue! Together with Tim, we will learn the Japanese technique to break down a whole chicken, yielding more meat cuts and more skewers than you get from European-style butchery.

Yakitori are an izakaya staple, crowd-pleasing and quick to cook. 

Join us with Tim and cook along either on your own barbecue outside, or using the grill of your oven indoors if you prefer. His new book - Your Home Izakaya is available to pre-order now.

To book your ticket, hit 'Book Now' tickets are just £15. 

All participants will also have the opportunity to receive two free gifts when they order a Shichirin Table Top or Konro to barbecue grill. Every order will receive a bag of Binchotin Charcoal PLUS a Wasabi Mayo and Mustard Gift Set!

Once you have booked your place, we will provide you with all the information needed for the class via email, your Zoom link will be sent around the 20th 

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