Soup: Warming Ingredients From The Masters Of Bowl Food

Soup: Warming Ingredients From The Masters Of Bowl Food

Soup season is here! As the temperatures cool down, a bowl of soup is the best way to warm up again. Whether you prefer a lighter broth or a hearty noodle bowl, we have some premium ingredients to give it amazing flavour.


Hatcho miso soup available online

The start of every great-tasting broth, miso is a savoury paste that will load your soup with umami. White miso has a more delicate, almost sweet flavour while red miso packs a much heavier punch. They will add depth and make your soup utterly mouthwatering.


make great soup with Japanese shiitake mushrooms

If you're looking for umami heavyweights, look no further than shiitake mushrooms. When rehydrated from their dried form, they can boost umami by up to 8 times, which makes a huge difference on your palate. Absolutely delicious when paired with a little soy sauce or miso broth, they will bulk out your soup and contribute a spectacular taste.


Soba noodles for soup available to buy online

 For days when you need a more substantial soup, noodles are the ingredient to reach for. Coming in all shapes and sizes, chewy udon noodles are particularly brilliant for carrying rich broths and making your soup the ultimate bowl of comfort food.

Kombu | Dashi | Spice

Buy great Japanese ingredients for warming soup online

Make your own broth by boiling kombu straight from the crystal clear waters of Japan, enjoy a ready-made dashi infused with bold flavour or finish your soup with a splash of tantalising yuzu hot sauce!

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