Tosazu: Why Is It Everyone's Favourite Vinegar?

Tosazu: Why Is It Everyone's Favourite Vinegar?
If you’re looking for a smooth introduction to the world of Japanese vinegars, this is the one for you: Tosazu, or Dashi Vinegar, is world renowned for its exquisite flavour of smoked bonito, luxurious umami notes and perfectly balanced acidity.
Kumano cedar casks at Marusho
The vinegar is fermented in Japanese Kumano cedar casks that have been seasoned with only natural products, like kombu seaweed, bonito fish flakes and mirin. Family-run brewers Marusho, who have been producing top quality vinegars for almost 150 years, are the masters behind this blend and you can taste every decade of experience in their products.
The team at Marusho that produce Tosazu dashi vinegar
Made with rice grown on the family’s own estate and fresh, soft water from the nearby Nachi Waterfall and Kumano Mountains, it is traditionally brewed with utmost care at the hands of skilled craftsmen, and the result is a deeply flavoured vinegar of the finest quality.

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