Creative Drinks To Help Cool You Down This Summer

Creative Drinks To Help Cool You Down This Summer

If you need a creative way to cool off in the heat, why not try something exotic to sip on? 

Whether you drink alcohol or not, you’ll be able to find something that tickles your taste buds in our superb collection of spirits, sake, syrups and vinegars.

NEW: Ramune Yuzu Lemonade


Using fresh Yuzu juice, this deliciously refreshing lemonade is also rehydrating. Made with Nigari, which is the mineral-rich liquid leftover once salt has been precipitated from seawater, this drink will not only taste amazing but also help to replenish your body in the hot temperatures. On top of that, it comes in a cardboard can, so you can feel even better about your choice of drink!

Flavoured Syrups

Our flavoured syrups are the ideal way to incorporate some exciting Japanese flavours into your drinks, and are perfect for cocktail and mocktail lovers alike. If you’re interested in low-no alcohol, there’s no reason to compromise on flavour! For a simple but refreshing drink, simply add a dash of syrup to soda water and serve over ice. Equally, if you’re looking for something a little different to spice up your signature summer serve, one of these syrups could definitely fit the bill.


Yuzu Syrup


Fresh, zesty and packed with the aromatic flavour of yuzu this syrup is great for desserts as well as drinks!

Black Ginger Syrup

Using aged black ginger along with Japanese citrus and sugar, this little bottle carries a big, bold flavour.



Red Shiso Syrup

Lace any drink with the sweet, herbal flavour of shiso and, thanks to the vibrant colour, it will also add great visual impact.

Green Ume Plum Syrup

The green ume is essentially an unripe Japanese apricot, so this syrup has a brilliantly fruity and floral flavour!

New Spirits

Combining big Japanese flavour with expertly distilled English spirits, the Spirit of Japan range is a great addition to any garden bar this summer! With captivating flavours that sit right at home in a variety of amazing cocktails, because they have been distilled with the utmost care and skill, they are also delicious when enjoyed on their own.


A true English rum with an utterly mouth-watering combination of citrusy spice, sweetness and deep umami flavour. Delightful on the rocks, with a premium Cola, or in a classic spiced rum cocktail like a Dark & Stormy.


Bursting with aromatic yuzu flavour, this juicy Yuzucello is exactly like a Limoncello, only better. Serve as an aperitif or make into a spritz with sparkling wine and soda water for a sophisticated long drink.

Drinking Vinegars

Historically enjoyed for their health benefits, drinking vinegars have evolved a long way and now come in all shapes, sizes and, crucially, flavours. They are excellent for enhancing other flavours thanks to their acidity, but make superb drinks when served with sparkling water or when incorporated into a cocktail.


Honey Vinegar with Sakura

Japanese honey is infused with cherry blossoms to give a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Yuzu Drinking Vinegar

Citrusy and with a floral aroma, this vinegar will make a very refreshing drink with real citric punch.

Kurozu Vermont Black Rice Vinegar

With a hint of plum and the rich sweetness of pure honey, this is a luxuriously tasty vinegar.

Japanese Sake


Yama Yuzu Shibori Sake

From Tsukasa Botan brewery in Kochi, this sake is filled with the fruity aroma of yuzu and is extremely refreshing.

Umeshu Plum Sake

Made by sake masters Tatenokawa Shuzo, this sake captures the tart and fresh flavours of ume plums with a rich, sweet flavour.

Pearl Sparkling Sake

An elegant alternative to prosecco, Pearl is a silky and finely sparkling sake with a crisp green apple, pear & creamy peach flavour.

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