NEW Sushisu – Season Your Rice To Perfection

NEW Sushisu – Season Your Rice To Perfection

The newest addition to our award-winning product line is here!

Sushisu is a sushi rice vinegar developed by master brewers Marusho, specifically for The Wasabi Company.

Marusho is a family owned vinegar brewery, now run by the fourth generation, it is located in exactly the same building where it began in 1879. All their vinegars are made with water flowing from the Kumano mountains and aged for upto 500 days. They use only the best natural ingredients to create a range of beautifully crafted, premium vinegars.  

New Sushisu


Perfectly balanced with a natural sweetness from mirin, it makes the ideal seasoning for sushi rice but can be used in a variety of other ways, such as on steamed vegetables or in a vinaigrette.

Oftentimes sushi rice vinegars are artificially sweetened and can overpower sushi rice. This blend is formulated with just the right amount of mirin, which provides a completely natural sweetness and helps to balance the overall flavour of the vinegar. It is delicate, delicious and sure to be your new favourite!

Marusho Vinegars


Limited Edition Sakazu

Having been featured as a Top 100 Food Supplier by Japanese department store Takashimaya since 2015, Marusho have launched a special limited edition batch of their classic Sakazu.

This is made with a base of Nigori namazake Kinokuniya Bunzaemon Sake alongside active yeast. Using Marusho’s centuries-old techniques, it maintains a rich, deep rice flavour and is a great condiment for any dish!

Kurozu Vermont

A long awaited restock! This sweet, black vinegar has hints of plum and raw honey. We recommend enjoying it as a drinking vinegar with sparkling water, served over ice. Vinegars have been enjoyed for their health benefits in Japan for centuries, and it’s a tradition that is still going strong today. You can also try it in cocktails and desserts for an exciting twist.

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