Exquisite Sesame Products

Exquisite Sesame Products

Our premium Japanese sesame products come from Wadaman. Established in 1883, it is now in its 5th generation of the family so you can only imagine the expertise that has been passed down over the last 140 years.  Masters in their craft, Wadaman pride themselves on expertly roasting every single sesame seed, resulting in some of the finest seeds, pastes and oils on the market.

While there is a general nutty flavour to sesame products that most people are familiar with, the profile can change dramatically depending on the colour of the seed. For example, black sesame has a much deeper and almost smoky flavour, while gold sesame is very strong. Whatever your preference in taste, there’s no doubt that these sesame products are delicious, versatile and will fit right at home in your pantry!

Sesame Pastes


Sesame pastes are one of the most versatile ways to enjoy sesame at home. They add a superb sesame punch to any recipe, sweet or savoury, and have a silky smooth texture. They can be mixed with ponzu or soy sauce as a dressing, combined with hot water and milk for a nutty sesame latte or even enjoyed as a topping for ice cream!

Available in 80g, 250g and 1kg.

Sesame Oils


A staple in any kitchen, sesame oil has the power to make or break your recipe! At the expert hands of master roasters at Wadaman, these oils are supremely light in texture and perfectly balanced in flavour. The White Sesame Oil in particular is so fine it can even be used on sashimi without overpowering the taste. Black and Gold oils add a much stronger taste, but all can be used to great effect in dressings, stir fries or on steamed vegetables.

Available in 90g, 270g and 450g.

Sesame Seeds


Sesame seeds might just be the perfect sprinkle for nearly every dish. Steamed vegetables like broccoli are brought to life by the nutty flavour and perfect crunch of sesame seeds, as are rice dishes, fish, salads, noodles and much, much more. These seeds are expertly roasted to a precise temperature to ensure superior flavour and plump texture in every mouthful.

Flavoured Sesame Products


Organic Gomashio

Similarly to the sesame seeds, this product is perfect for adding the final flourish to your favourite recipes. Expertly roasted black sesame seeds are lightly milled and combined with salt to produce a richly flavoured and completely moreish sesame salt.

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