Champonzu / Mixed Citrus Ponzu Sauce

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Classic ponzu sauce using a generous amount of 5 different Japanese citrus fruits: yuzu, daidai, yuko, kabosu, sudachi and homemade soup stock sold in 300ml or 700ml bottles.

Champonzu "If you buy one ponzu, buy this one" So speaks a chef customer of ours who chooses this ponzu over his own homemade ponzu! Every bottle is packed with citrus zing, sweetness of plum and amazake and a rich depth of flavour. Serve with sashimi & sushi, dress a salad, marinade a meat, flavor a fish or add a dash to a dip.

Ingredients:  Citrus fruits: yuzu, daidai, yukou, kabosu, sudachi. Plum, honjozo shoyu (soy sauce incl. soya bean & wheat), honmirin, amazake, natural dashi (fish stock).

Allergens underlined.

Refrigerate once open and consume within 3 months.